#28 (Recording): Q1 Quarterly Review Webinar [Video Link Fixed)

Hello Quo Vadis Community — If you did not get a chance to check out our Q1 Quarterly Review with Richard Kramer and Rocco Strauss from Arete Research, it was a thrilling ride as expected. Make some popcorn, grab a cold one and check out the recording.

Richard and Rocco’s in-depth and hypothesis-driven approach is second to none. They go deep into the connective tissue of programmatic/adtech to tune their DCF models. We got a nice dose of their brilliant thinking.

As our Quo Vadis Community knows, we're mainly interested in observing and reporting on Programmatic Land through a Radical Transparency lens.

  • What do you want from programmatic? (spend money and/or do advertising that matters)

  • Who is the "you"? (advertiser, agency, adtech, publisher... they all have different wants)

  • What is true about programmatic ads?

  • Do you practice what is true to get what you want?

If you have any burning questions Richard, Rocco, or me, send them to tom@lemonadeprojects.com and we’ll come back with answers.


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